Sunday, 1 February 2015

8 Ball Pool Android APK Hack Tool - Free Download Cheats MOD

unnamed (4)For 8 Ball Pool fans we give you the best 8 Ball Pool Hack Tool! This unique hack and cheat program will give the edge in pool with infinite coins, 100% accuracy, anti ban or even the rank hack!
Developed by the studio, 8 Ball Pool is a pool game that has been present for several months on iPhone and Android.
In This app, you can challenge opponents from around the world in a game of pool in one against one competitions.
Use accuracy and intelligence in the way you play 8 Ball Pool, leaving no chance for your opponents and strip them of their gold coins!
Discover our 8 Ball Pool Hack Tool now and get:
  • Infinite Coins
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  • Rank Hack

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Bellow you can read a list of devices on which we have tested our program.
This version of 8 Ball Pool Android APK hack was painstakingly tested and works suitable with all devices: PCs (with installation of Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and even on the newest version of Microsoft OS Windows 8.1), Android ( all versions including Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Android 3.0 Honeycomb, Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and the newest version of Kit-Kat).

Here is a short list of specific devices on which we have performed several successful hacking tests:

The following Android phones where used:
Samsung I9300 GALAXY S3, Allview A5 Quad,Allview P6 Quad,Samsung I8190 Galaxy S3 Mini, LG Nexus 5 D821 4G,Samsung Galaxy S II Plus I9105, Samsung I8200 Galaxy S3 Mini,Samsung I9195 Galaxy S4 Mini, LG G2 Mini 4G,Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7582,Samsung Galaxy S5 4G,Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005,Samsung I9300i GALAXY S3 Neo,Sony Xperia Z 4G,LG Nexus 5 D821 4G, HTC One Mini 2 (M8 mini) 4G, Sony Xperia T2 Ultra,Samsung i9505 Galaxy S IV (S4),Sony Bravia KD-85X9005B, Samsung GT-19300, Samsung GT-19500, Samsung SM-N9005!, Google Nexus 5, LG-D802 Samsung GT-19505, Xiaomi phones, Samsung GT-N7100, Samsung SM-N900, Google Nexus 7, HTC One series, Google Nexus 4, Samsung GT-19100, Sony C6903, Samsung GALAXY S4, Google Nexus 5, Samsung GALAXY S3, LG G2, Google Nexus 4, HTC One, Samsung Note, Galaxy Nexus, Samsung GALAXY S2, Google Nexus 5, Google Nexus 7, Samsung SM-N900T,Samsung SM-N900A, Google Nexus4,Samsung SM-N900V, Samsung SGH-M919, HTC One M7, Samsung SGH-I337, Galaxy Nexus and more devices are soon coming on this never ending list….

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This cheat app was confirmed to be working with all browsers including the latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera Browser, Opera Mini, Dolphin, Maxthon…

8 Ball Pool hack update status:
Updated mod as of February, 2015 / Cheat Engine 6.x
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Friday, 17 January 2014

Your Guide to More Smarter 8 Ball

Your Guide to More Smarter 8-Ball

The game of 8-Ball is a fickle little beast. Some days you sit comfortably behind the windshield with the table laid out perfectly for you while your opponent, the bug, toils in the misery of clusters and blocked balls. Other days it's your fate that ends with Windex and a damp rag. Fortunately, a little knowledge goes a long way in this game, whether it's learning how to maximize your chances of running out a viable table or how to chip away at a clogged table that seems unwinnable. Here are some tips to keep you on the right side of the glass.

1. Keep it on the table after the break.
If you scratch on the break or send the cue ball flying away, your opponent will come to the table with the cue ball in the kitchen (or ball-in-hand) and choice of which suit to play – way too much power to make you lose! Make your opponent earn everything by hitting the break with control.

2. Don't pocket just to pocket.
Counterintuitive to most people's understanding, you earn nothing for pocketing as many balls as you can against your opponent – unless you make it all the way to the win. Your options, both offensive and defensive, dwindle as you have fewer and fewer balls on the table. The worst case scenario is to fail at running out, leaving one or two of your balls behind. A good opponent will either run out easily, since you've cleared away the traffic, or play safe behind one of his or her many balls.

3. Be realistic about problem balls.
Problem balls are balls that are clustered together, either with your suit alone or mixed with your opponent's suit, balls that don't have a pocket in which to go, or balls on which it's very difficult to play position. Many people try to run out while ignoring these balls as if they'll somehow magically become playable. Learn to recognize problems and plan for solutions.

4. Try to get ball-in-hand.
Generally, problem balls become much less of a problem when you can squeeze into a short side position or give yourself the perfect break-out with ball-in-hand. The time for defense is early, even claiming suit and immediately playing safe on a table that's particularly messy. Don't overlook using ball-in-hand to play another safety that solves one of your problems while hooking your opponent.

5. Move balls to key positions for breakouts.
While playing defense, be mindful of where your object balls end up. Play safe while positioning one of your balls near a cluster or other problem area, giving yourself a future offensive opportunity to play a break-out or difficult position play.

6. Move balls to key defensive positions.
Look for double-duty shots like playing safe while placing one of your balls where it blocks a pocket for your opponent's balls. Just make sure that you leave enough room to be able to pocket the ball yourself.

7. Make your opponent's ball.
If your opponent has a ball in the jaws of a pocket that's blocking all of your shots, consider playing a combination where you pocket the offending ball while leaving your opponent without a shot.

8. Don't start running out until you have a plan for the whole table.
Wait until all of your balls have a viable pocket, or an easy break-out, before you start running out. Think it through and plan a pattern that gets you all the way to the win. If you find yourself in trouble while there are still four or five balls on the table, strongly reassess the situation and decide whether there's a good defensive option. Proceeding further might leave you locked into a losing proposition.

9. Start with the eight ball and work backwards.
While making your plan, aim to shoot your last shot so that it leaves you with an easy shot on the eight. Choose the ball that gives you the easiest shot on that ball and so on and so on.

10. Look for the pattern with the least cue-ball movement.
Let the layout dictate your shooting order, when possible choose a pattern that incorporates stop shots and other very small position plays. Don't send cue ball up and down the table needlessly, work to clear one area of the table at a time to avoid positional and pocketing mishaps that can keep you from squashing your opponent.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

8 Ball Pool Multiplayer Credit Hack

 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool Credit Hack - Unlimited Credit Cheat Hack
Download 2012 Temple Run Hack - Unlimited Money Cheat Hack


1. Download the Hack by clicking download button.

2. First you need to run the game in browser( Use Mozilla Firefox).
3. Now login and click go to Pool Shop, click add+ button .
4. Open  8 Ball Multiplayer Pool Credit Hack. Check your desire credits and enter your Nickname.
5. Click the Generate button and wait after 10-20second check your credit status .
6. Play and Enjoy